Self Respect

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Tesla Solar House

Off Grid home living

Off grid home living, doesn’t have to use Tesla, but they do a bang up job. Read more »
Work and Life

Why workplace flexibility is the way forward

                      Photo credit: Getty Images In “Working moms and the ‘flexibility’ fallacy that exists in PR“, Lippe Taylor CEO Maureen Lippe makes... Read more »

Life Straw

I have two of these for my “bug out bags” for the Zombie Apocalypse which is sure to come lol. Read more »
F Bomb Shirt Thumb

Order your F-Bomb T-Shirt Now!

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Astronemy is Cool

Astronomy is cool!

Astronomy is cool! (For some reason the preview isn’t showing up, just scroll down and hit play and the video will load) Astronomy is cool!   Read more »

Alluring summer skirt / dress for your lady

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Gray Wolf Alaska Zoo - Joel Sartore

Interesting facts about wolves

Some interesting things you may or may not have known about wolves. Check it out! Read more »
Luke Skywalker

10 things confident people won’t ever do

                        In The Empire Strikes Back, when Yoda is training Luke to be a Jedi, he demonstrates the power of the Force... Read more »

Waterproof matches

These could come in handy either for camping or the zombie apocalypse!   Read more »
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