The Man Bun – WTF!?

The Man Bun, SMH. Do not do this, you look retarded. Read more »

I need help!

Ok, come on ladies and gentlemen, I need some help. I cannot find caffeine! Read more »
Driverless Minivan - Tokyo

Driverless taxi debuts in Tokyo in ‘world first’ trial ahead of Olympics

Minivan equipped with sensors makes four round-trips a day on a busy stretch of road, picking up paying passengers. A self-driving taxi has successfully taken paying passengers through the busy streets of... Read more »
Heisenberg For President-Cropped

Brand new T-Shirt design

This is a brand new T-Shirt design that we made today, check it out! Heisenberg for president! Read more »

Hacking Attempts to

Someone wants in. All the same IP… “Gotch your ass”. I just need a sock and say “Homie Don’t Play That! Read more »

Facts of life

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Cat Loving

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Concrete Foam

Concrete foam

Pretty cool and easy to apply to your given situation for repairs or construction projects. No tools, no mess instant concrete! Read more »
Key & Peele

You have something on your shirt – Office Shirt Pranks Key & Peele

You have something on your shit – Office shirt pranks brought to you by Key & Peele. Too funny. Read more »