The Man Bun – WTF!?

The Man Bun, SMH. Do not do this, you look retarded. Read more »

I need help!

Ok, come on ladies and gentlemen, I need some help. I cannot find caffeine! Read more »
Driverless Minivan - Tokyo

Driverless taxi debuts in Tokyo in ‘world first’ trial ahead of Olympics

Minivan equipped with sensors makes four round-trips a day on a busy stretch of road, picking up paying passengers. A self-driving taxi has successfully taken paying passengers through the busy streets of... Read more »
Heisenberg For President-Cropped

Brand new T-Shirt design

This is a brand new T-Shirt design that we made today, check it out! Heisenberg for president! Read more »

Hacking Attempts to

Someone wants in. All the same IP… “Gotch your ass”. I just need a sock and say “Homie Don’t Play That! Read more »

Facts of life

Read more »


Read more »

Cat Loving

Read more »
Concrete Foam

Concrete foam

Pretty cool and easy to apply to your given situation for repairs or construction projects. No tools, no mess instant concrete! Read more »
Key & Peele

You have something on your shirt – Office Shirt Pranks Key & Peele

You have something on your shit – Office shirt pranks brought to you by Key & Peele. Too funny. Read more »
Key & Peele

For those who travel lol

For those who travel often: Read more »

Starting over can suck

Not Everyone Is Your ExI. completely agree with this, but at times it is hard to move on. Others have no problem, callus son of a guns. Read more »
Poi - Fire Dancing - Full Moon Jams

Full Moon Jams – Chicago Foster Beach

  This was so much fun to capture. Poi fire dancing performances… They have talent to swing these things that are on fire. I have tried something similar when I was MUCH... Read more »
Rob Gronkowski

Football season is upon us. Gotta love savage “Gronk”

Rob Gronkowski I think the the most entertaining football player since the Bear’s Super Bowl Shuffle lol. My two favorite teams are the Bears and the Patriots. Comment below which one(s) are... Read more »
This dog saves this cat

The humanitarian, or canineitarian the dog!

In a Mortal Kombat voice, “Get over here!” Animals… I swear. This is so cute. Read more »
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