Go Bears!

Super Bowl Shuffle!

Super Bowl Shuffle! I have 1$ that the Chicago Bears take it. I don’t gamble, but I am willing to bet Chicago brings it to the table! Read more »
Go Bears!

Da Bears

Da Bears! Ok, time to get off the computer and watch the game! Go Bears! Read more »
Joe Rogan Experience

Why do we dream?

Joe Rogan – Dreams, Dreams and Weed, REM Sleep, DMT | Why do we dream? I had the weirdest dreams last night, three of four of them were nightmares. I laid awake... Read more »
Home AV

Tonight ZP wins

Tonight ZP Wins Successful surgery to the home AV PC has proved successful. Daddy likes. ZP=3 technology =1 Comcast =0.5   Integrated personal computer with surgery was a success for the AV... Read more »
Cat Scale

On a scale of Cat, how are you feeling today?

On a scale of Cat, how are you feeling today?! Read more »

I need this!

I need this! Read more »

Thought of the moment

Thought of the moment You don’t get a second chance – Eminem! Read more »
In my mind - in my head

Dynoro Gigi D’Agostion – In my mind

Dynoro Gigi D’Agostion – In my mind   Read more »
Break Stuff

Researchers disprove their own thesis that “extreme music causes anger”

Researchers disprove their own thesis that “extreme music causes anger” by Ben Kaye Researchers at the University of Queensland, a public research institution in Brisbane, Australia, recently conducted a study in which... Read more »

15 Lb Burger – Vegas Food Porn

Oh my F’ing god, what is this? It actually exists? I almost wanna run to the bathroom and throw up. A 15 LB burger in Vegas? Out of this world… Read more »
THC Pot Stocks

Like Frosty the Snowman

Like Frosty the Snowman (no one within the organization with YDD smokes, but are just providing a potential to stock investments and we are providing information about what is going on in... Read more »

This Bud’s for You

“This Bud’s for You” Takes on New Meaning as Anheuser-Busch and Tilray Announce New Research Partnership Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY), one of Canada’s premier cannabis growers, announced on Thursday that it had... Read more »

Send me an Angel – Rad

Send me an Angel – RAD Where did this song pop up, I dunno. But I thought I would post. Read more »
Brown Bag - Ripen Produce

Ripen vegetables and fruit faster totally naturally

So a guest to my house just made me smarter about food. I did some research and just made myself smarter today. We are trying to make some Strawberry and Banana smoothies... Read more »
Racist Coffee Machine

The racist coffee machine

The racist coffee machine This is all just too funny. Reminds me sometimes when I try and give customer support to people. Read more »
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