Tonight ZP wins

Tonight ZP Wins

Successful surgery to the home AV PC has proved successful. Daddy likes. ZP=3 technology =1 Comcast =0.5

Home AV
Final the living room is showing up after tech the work. Not to self, need a bigger TV
HP 6000 Motherboard being worked on. AV/PCI replacements.


Integrated personal computer with surgery was a success for the AV experience at ZP’s. We replaced the PCI graphics card in the Media PC / AV computer and replaced the HDMI cable and replaced with new to the audio receiver. Always have extra cables on hand. Always. Otherwise you are not a man. I just ordered 3 more extras for just in case reasons like this you randomly need an extra and am now taken care of. Where will they be needed you will next now but at least I have them on hand. You can never have too many extra cables. Any technician that is worth himself knows this. Step up your game and you will step up your job. Do this man!

Computer upgrade / repair or AV install? I swear its a combination of brother, its like you wanna try me? Bring it, ZP has it. I got chow ass.

Now I can stream AV / HDMI videos from the PC to the TV (Including YouTube and Pandora). The new AV install is newly probably disgruntling neighbors. But at least it is working! Mission success. Audiophile Decibels are not that loud… yet.  We will keep it at an even level until some new song comes out.

But Daddy likes, its now what I had envisioned it for.

Now just one last call to Comcast for the final remote fix, and we are set up. But we are there.


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