About Me

Hi! I’m Zachary Pelka. Thanks for stopping by and looking at my distractions that I feel worth sharing to help expand the grey matter between your ears. Sometimes I post often, sometimes I either am myself distracted or just haven’t found something that I feel is fun, important or worth sharing.  This is sort of my own sounding board for what I feel is interesting and want to share with the world. Some of my visitors are not on Social Media, or are, but are not linked with my sites, so I decided to add another method of communication for what tickles my mind.

YDDAdmin@YourDailyDistraction.com is my email address, so if you have something you want to share, feel free to ping me with the article details. This is the whole reason for this site, is to share information and give people something to think about!

Also, if you appreciate the content I post, please also visit my sister eCommerce site at Shop.YourDailyDistraction.com and purchase something for yourself or a friend/significant other that you like which will help fund this blog. Much appreciated if you do!