Jobs and mentality of today

I just received a call about a job today. Good for me eh? But its not what I want or deserve. Read more »
Elon Musk

Elon Musk donated almost half a million $ in water filtration equipment

FLINT (WJRT) (10/5/2018) – Billionaire inventor Elon Musk and his Musk Foundation are donating $480,350 for water stations and filtration equipment for every building in Flint Community Schools. The school district tweeted... Read more »
Find A Job

If The Economy is So Strong, Why Can’t I Find a Job?

If The Economy is So Strong, Why Can’t I Find a Job? Reports of a booming economy and low unemployment rates across the board can be frustrating to job seekers who can’t... Read more »
Trump - Problems

Dealing with problems – Trump advice

Read more »
Yellow Lab

Solider service dog reunited with the inmate that trained him

Solider service dog reunited with the inmate that trained him It is of no surprise that being in the military requires a lot of strength and mental power. People leave their homes,... Read more »

Will Smith’s Words Of Wisdom

Will Smith’s words of wisdom. Read more »
Quote for positivity

Opportunity. Lets reflect.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Eh? Are you afraid to fail? Read more »
Chin Up Buttercup

Cool Customized Font

For those looking to make their own graphics and are looking for an interesting font, check this page out. I just bought mine and am brainstorming of a new design to use... Read more »

The Worlds Toughest Job

That it is. I don’t know personally, but I have experienced it with previous engagements. Read more »
Famous Failures Disney

Learning from failure

You can’t think about Disney without thinking about the magic it brings into the world. But sometimes creating even the most magical things has its setbacks. Walt Disney was one of the... Read more »
Bill Belichick

Versatile – Bill Belichick

Great quote to live by and learn from by Bill Belichick. Quite possibly one of the best coaches of a great football team! Read more »

Spending Time

Make sure you spend your time wisely. Its short. Read more »
Lost Baggage

Lost Luggage

There’s an old story about a monk who sat on a rock by a fork in the road. One way continued on, and the other went into a town. A traveler stopped... Read more »

Guys, STOP! – Dating advice

              You: · Nice Clothes · Nice Place · Nice Job · Nice Guy         Her: “Nice try…” And that’s on a good... Read more »
Jay Shetty

Artificial intelligence can be scary.

Read more »
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