NIST - Trump

NIST Crippled by Trump’s Wall

NIST Crippled by Trump’s Wall NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is getting hit hard by the federal government shutdown. Have you been to the NIST website lately? We’ll save... Read more »
MLK Quote

MLK Quote

MLK Quote     Read more »

Spam Stock

Spam Stock I swear to god, I need a personal assistant to help me with my digital: With the amount of Digital SPAM I receive, I am half jokingly thinking of buying... Read more »
Its Gone Viral

We all have that one weird friend

We all have that one weird friend Read more »
Colorado - 4 Day info

No more Mondays for this Colorado school district

No more Mondays for this Colorado school district A Colorado school district intent on saving money has cut one of its greatest costs: teaching. District 27J, one of the state’s larger districts,... Read more »

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019! We here at YDD want to wish you a Happy New Year, may it be healthy, prosperous, fun filled and not stressful! Thank’s for the continued support and... Read more »

Send me an Angel – Rad

Send me an Angel – RAD Where did this song pop up, I dunno. But I thought I would post. Read more »
Racist Coffee Machine

The racist coffee machine

The racist coffee machine This is all just too funny. Reminds me sometimes when I try and give customer support to people. Read more »
Printer Embarrassment

Printer Embarrassment at the office

Printer Embarrassment at the office: Read more »
Black Friday Discount

Black Friday Discount code added

We added a new discount code for Black Friday! Please preview in advance to see if there is something you are interested in, and use this discount code for Black Friday!... Read more »
Snow 2018

Snow? I’m not ready.

Snow? I’m not ready. Here’s how much the beloved European Model is predicting for Chicago-land by Sunday night. Thoughts? Read more »
9/9/11 Towers coverup11 Towers coverup9/11 Towers coverup

The 9/11 Building Collapse | Richard Gage

We have been lied to and kept like mushrooms. Left in the dark and fed alot of S**t. And yet more! Who is to answer for this!? Read more »
Indigeonous People

National Indigenous People’s Day

It sounds a little silly, I think that the officials are attempting to change the public’s view of this day, but I think they could have come up with a better name.... Read more »

CBD…new affiliate relationship.

This is a new venture that YDD is doing and is joining into as an affiliate. It has been inspired by a family member’s chronic pain and not wanting hard core pain... Read more »
Red light

Illinois – Fight back against those evil “Red Light Cameras”

Hate red-light cameras?   You’re not alone. Even while plagued by corruption scandals and technological flaws, red-light and speed camera programs have proven lucrative for local governments across Illinois. Mayors and village... Read more »
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