This dog saves this cat

The humanitarian, or canineitarian the dog!

In a Mortal Kombat voice, “Get over here!” Animals… I swear. This is so cute. Read more »
Window Balcony

Window that doubles as a balcony

As they said, you can enjoy the outside without leaving your house! Read more »
Texting Law for Illinois

Texting while driving in Illinois

    A new law in Illinois enhances the punishment for texting behind the wheel. Read more »

MIT-engineered smart desk transforms based on your mood

The MIT Media Lab’s “Mediated Atmosphere” project is currently developing an office space that transforms itself based on your mood. Utilizing bio-sensors, controllable lighting, projection screens and sound (admittedly, you’re gonna need a BIG desk),... Read more »
3 AM Restlessness

3 AM Restlessness

3 AM Restlessness Read more »

Reach out and touch someone!

Read more »
Police Restraining Device

A new form on non-Lethal restraint

I am never on this side of the law, but I support the idea of non lethal tactics that are being developed. Read more »

Self Respect

Read more »

Alluring summer skirt / dress for your lady

Read more »
Gray Wolf Alaska Zoo - Joel Sartore

Interesting facts about wolves

Some interesting things you may or may not have known about wolves. Check it out! Read more »

Insanity! People are Awesome! Death defying acts contained within.

Insanity! I’ll just sit back and watch, hellz to the no would I try any of this lol! Learn how to jump like these crazy people by clicking below: Read more »
Driving in Illinois

Proposal: Raise state’s gas tax to highest-in-nation 85 cents a gallon

The Illinois Economic Policy Institute has proposed more than doubling the state’s motor fuel tax – from 34 cents to 85 cents – but a free market think tank says lawmakers should looking... Read more »


Read more »
Learn how to edit photos

Want to learn how to edit pictures?

                         Read more »
Having Fun

Having Fun is an Art

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