Chicago “Protests” – Riot?

Columbus Monument - Chicago
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Chicago “Protests” – Riot?

Chicago – Grant Park. Vandalism of the Christopher Columbus statue. This doesn’t appear to really be a protest, or if it is considered one, it is afar from peaceful. Almost riot-like actions. Fireworks being thrown at police officers? This is why the police should not be de-funded. Chicago, you are our home, but you are disgusting right now. Stay classy Chicago, stay classy.

This is not about George Floyd here, this doesn’t appear to be anything more than an assault on our police officers, our city and the history of our country.

Fireworks being thrown at police officers

We wrote an article about a new form of “non-lethal” restraints that have been being tested with Chicago suburban police departments. Again, de-fund the police? No, not a good idea when there is a call for police reform, and I think this would be a great additional option for police to have.

A second video account of the “protest”

If you are a Chicagoan who is proud of the city in spite of this, you can show your love for Chicago with either the mask this reporter is wearing, or choose a mask/flag. There are plenty of ways to be respectful of the city.


What could be said about this? Please leave your comments below.

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